Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to purchases made from Alfasoft AB (“Alfasoft”) over the Internet by an individual consumer over the age of 18 (“Consumer”) or by a corporate client (“Corporate Client”).

Terms and conditions from Alfasoft are also available in Swedish.


In order for Alfasoft to be able to meet its contractual obligations, customers must in connection with the first order that is placed:

  1. register their personal information in the customer database of Alfasoft by providing an email address, a mailing address, their name, and Organization/VAT number if applicable. Payment will be made with bank/debit or credit card, if no other arrangements have been agreed. As regards invoicing without VAT, Corporate Clients within the EU must also provide their VAT number;
  2. choose and register a username and password; and
  3. give their consent for Alfasoft and/or its financial services company to store the provided personal information in their customer database (applies to Consumer only).

Alfasoft will also use the personal information in the customer database for marketing purposes. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Consumer gives his/her consent to such use of his/her personal information. The Consumer may, at any time, withdraw his/her consent for such use by contacting Alfasoft Customer Services or using Opt-Out options.

In connection with every order placed, customers must read and accept these terms and conditions.

Customers must keep their username and password in a safe place and not divulge them to anyone that does not have the right to place an order on their behalf.

The customer database of Alfasoft is confidential. Alfasoft undertakes not to disclose any information in the customer database to any non-affiliated third party other than to the extent required by applicable law.

It is incumbent on the customers to continuously update their registered information. If a product is returned due to incorrect registered information, customers are charged according to what is written out in the section below called “Delivery”.


The relevant product price, including VAT, is the price, which at the moment of the order, is stated in Alfasoft price list at the shop.adeptscience.co.uk window. Alfasoft reserves the right to change prices without further notice.

A foreign Corporate Client within the EU will be charged Swedish VAT if a wrong VAT registration number is provided. Corporate Clients outside EU will not be charged Swedish VAT.

Consumers within the EU always pay Swedish VAT, whereas Consumers outside the EU do not pay Swedish VAT.

No shipping charge if order from web shop at shop.adeptscience.co.uk.

Deliveries abroad may be charged import and duty charges.
Terms of payment

For deliveries within Sweden payment may be made:

  1. by invoice; or
  2. by bank/debit/credit card

For deliveries outside of Sweden payment may be made by bank/debit/credit card if no other arrangements have been agreed.

The amount of credit limit is at present for Consumer SEK 5 000 and for Corporate Client SEK 50 000. Control of provided information and credit rating is carried out on a regular basis.

If payment is made by invoice, Consumer must pay within fourteen (14) days and Corporate Client within twenty one (21) days of the date of the invoice if no other arrangements have been agreed. Alfasoft has, on suspicion that the credit rating is not satisfactory, the right to demand payment by card or cancel the order.

If payment is made by card, the customer is obliged to keep sufficient funds available on their account until full payment has been received by Alfasoft. If there are insufficient funds, or if the payment for any reason is rejected, Alfasoft has the right to cancel the order.

If payment is not made within the stipulated time, interest on overdue payment will be charged (at present monthly rate 2%) and a reminder charge of, at present, SEK 100, according to law.


Orders may only be placed through the web site shop.adeptscience.co.uk, if no other arrangements have been agreed in advance.

All communication shall be conducted by e-mail, with the exception of returning goods and handling complaints. Customers agree to check their e-mail regularly after placing an order.

Customer orders become legally binding only upon order confirmation by e-mail by Alfasoft. All orders are accepted subject to availability of products.

Consumers have the right to cancel the entire or parts of the order by e-mail before it is dispatched. In these terms and conditions dispatched entails that the consumer has received a part of the order or a dispatch note.


Products are delivered according to listed information for each product. Delivery is normally made Electronic, by Parcel Post or by letter.

Split delivery is not an eligible option in the e-commerce solution provided through Alfasoft. If a split delivery will occur when ordering through other Alfasoft channels, there will be no surcharge on these.

If an order is delivered in more consignments than the customer has chosen, the customer will not incur any additional costs.

During transport to the customer, Alfasoft will be liable for any damage to the product. During transport from the customer to Alfasoft, however, the customer will be liable for the product.

If the customer does not collect the consignment, or the consignment is returned due to wrong registered information, Alfasoft will charge, at present:

  1. If the total order values is less than SEK 5 000, SEK 400 will be charged
  2. If the total order values is higher than SEK 5 000, SEK 600 will be charged

Customers must pay freight costs when shipping returns from outside Sweden


The Consumer has the right to return a delivered product. In such case, the Consumer must inform Alfasoft thereof within fourteen (14) days of the date the Consumer received the product. Return postage and shipping costs will be paid by the Consumer.

The right of return does not apply to parcels that have not been collected, products with broken seals, or if license codes/files have been delivered.

A notification of the return must, due to administrative purposes, include the following information:

  1. the order number;
  2. the invoice number; and
  3. the titles of the products that the customer wishes to return.

All returned products must be unused and undamaged. This applies unless the product has been damaged or altered due to reasons that cannot be attributed to the customer.

If the customer exercises his/her right to return a product, Alfasoft must as soon as possible, and at the latest within thirty (30) days reimburse the customer for the amount he/she has paid for the product to Alfasoft. The time is counted from the date Alfasoft received the returned product.

Corporate Client’s must apply for return of products to info@alfasoft.se


If the customer receives a different product to the one ordered, or if the product is damaged, the customer must immediately make a complaint to Alfasoft and specify the problem. Faulty products may be returned in accordance with the instructions supplied by Alfasoft, and the customer will not be charged any return delivery charges. Products returned COD (cash on delivery) will not be accepted and the return cannot be made until the customer has made a complaint and received instructions for the refund by Alfasoft.

Disputes over whether or not a product is faulty or damaged can be referred to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints.


In addition to what is stated above and, with regard to the Consumer, in addition to what is stipulated in the Swedish Consumer Purchases Act, Alfasoft will not be responsible for any defects and/or delays and shall not be liable for any damage, nor direct or indirect.


After a customer has placed an order, Alfasoft has no right to alter the terms and conditions for that order.

Inquiries about orders, complaints and other information should, by Swedish customers, be sent by e-mail to Customer Services at info@alfasoft.se or by post to:

Alfasoft AB

Kyrkogatan 24
411 15 Göteborg

Swedish law shall be applicable to all purchases according to these terms and conditions, and any dispute arising shall be settled by a Swedish court.

Links to third-party web sites

Web sites linked by Alfasoft are not controlled by Alfasoft and therefore carry no responsibility for the content of such web sites or the content of the links in these web sites. Alfasoft provide these links in order to facilitate the finding of web sites related to products and services and does not imply an acknowledgment from Alfasoft on the content of its linked web sites.

Addendum for software

All software available from Alfasoft is copyrighted by law from each of its own producer. The usage of such software is connected to the terms stated in the license agreement that accompany or is a part of the software.

A user is not allowed to install software accompanied by, or included with a license agreement if the user does not accept the terms in the license agreement.

Reproduction or redistribution of the software that is not in accordance with the license agreement are forbidden by applicable law and may lead to punishment and liability to damages. Violation of these license agreements will be prosecuted.

Irrespective of what has been mentioned above, manufacture or reproduction of software to another place for further reproduction and distribution expressively prohibited.

Possible warranties are explained in the license agreement. With exception of such warranties, Alfasoft disclaims all responsibility for warranties for the software, including in that respect the warranty for suitability or the suitability for any specific purpose, as well as the warranty for copyrights and third party rights.

Alfasoft will under no circumstances be held responsible for indirect damage, resulting damage, or any other damage caused by the impossibility or difficulty of using computers of information, loss of information or profit that has failed to appear in conjunction with using the software available through Alfasoft.

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